The Chicago Cubs and manager Joe Maddon are parting ways, team president Theo Epstein and Maddon announced together on Sunday.

Maddon, 65, led the Cubs to their first World Series title in 108 years; he is officially a free agent since the Cubs missed the postseason for the first time in five years following a nine-game losing streak in late September.

Maddon and Epstein made the announcement in St. Louis, with Maddon saying: “we’re both going to move on. Hopefully, the Cubs are going to flourish. Hopefully, I get a chance to do this someplace else. But there’s no tears shed. It’s a good moment for everybody. And we’re both excited about our futures.”

“We both agreed that, this type of change, that it’s time and that this type of change is a win-win.” Epstein said, adding that the Cubs were at a point where they needed a change.

Joe Maddon and Cubs part ways after five years and a World Series victory


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